Hemp Oil Kosher Softgels

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Purple Leaf Hemp uses our grandma’s old-fashioned recipe for extracting only the best organically grown plant material into a perfectly delightful daily plant-based botanical oil, which can enhance your body’s overall Endocannabinoid System or ESC.

Our hemp ingredients are grown in natural organic soil, sunlight and are free from pesticides and other harmful products and ingredients. Purple Leaf’s True Spectrum Plant-Based Botanical Oil is the perfect combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, lovingly mixed with organic coconut oil then lightly infused to perfection!

Purple Leaf Hemp is the new botanical oil for the progressive and mindful health-conscious consumer looking for alternative natural ways to sustain and enhance wellness. We hope you thoroughly enjoy your order. Purple Leaf, your personal provider of Plant-Based Botanical Oil.

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You will receive 30 softgels of True Spectrum Plant-Based Botanical Oil. DO NOT exceed three servings per day. These are suggested servings based on our experience. We are not a medical product and DO NOT make any medicinal claims. This is simply suggestions from our customer reviews and testimonials.  


Hemp plant and organic coconut oil

Thirty 500mg hemp oil softgels

10-15mg of Cannabinoids per softgel

Serving recommendation 1-3 capsule per day


Keep in a cool dry place. Oil may solidify. Tested by Cannalysis for potency and quality.